Description of Officer Roles/Titles

Worshipful Master -

Elected and is responsible for everything the happens within the lodge or in the name of the lodge. Sits in the East.

Senior Warden -

Elected and 2nd in charge. Sits in the West.

Junior Warden -

Elected and 3rd in charge. Sits in the South. Responsible to see that none convert the means of refreshment into excess.

Sec/ Treasurer-

The duties of the Treasurer are:

· Receive all monies from the Secretary and give receipt therefore.

· Keep a just and true account of all monies.

· Immediately deposit all monies received into the proper accounts.

· Payout monies by order of the Worshipful Master and consent of the lodge.

· Give a financial report at all stated communications.

· Inform the Worshipful Master of any surplus monies for the consideration of investment.

The duties of the Secretary are:

· Observe the will and pleasure of the Worshipful Master in recording the proceedings of the Lodge; transmit a copy thereof to the Grand Lodge when requested.

· Receive all monies paid into the lodge, keeping a good and detailed accounting system of all monies received and/ or paid out, transferring funds to the Treasurer and receiving his receipt.

· Keep an accurate account of membership records and inform the Grand Secretary of any changes.

· Send out notices of dues and activities to the membership.

· Prepare and forward to the Grand Secretary the year-end financial statement at the proper time.

· Prepare and submit to the Grand Secretary the "Profit and Loss Statement" and "Balance Sheet"

· Receive and answer all correspondence.

Chaplain -

A demonstrated reverence for the tenets of Freemasonry is the towering characteristic of the Chaplain. Specifically, he is charged with offering devotions at appropriate occasions and when requested by the Worshipful Master. He is also expected to recite the circumambulation scriptures for each degree.

Deacons -

· The Senior Deacon is ultimately responsible for the proper preparation of the candidate who comes to him from the hands of the Junior Deacon, and he must absolutely assure himself that the candidate is "duly and truly prepared." He should so conduct his candidate through the degrees that the candidate will forever after be his friend because of that association.

· The Junior Deacon assumes the responsibility for the physical and mental preparation of the candidate. He is associated with the candidate at a time

· The Deacons play an especially important role in the Entered Apprentice degree. They are the first contact the new candidate has with our ritual. These first impressions are critical to the overall opinion formed by the candidate of our Fraternity. It is, therefore, the duty of the Deacons to see that these parts are done well, with sincerity, and from memory so that they establish an atmosphere of competence and an aura of respect that continues throughout the degree work.

Stewards -

The Stewards along with the Junior Deacon are responsible for the physical preparation of the candidate. The Stewards are also frequently called upon to assist during the hours of refreshment.

Councilor -

The Lodge Counselor is to instruct and support each new candidate for the degrees and to facilitate continuing Masonic education in the lodge. He can call on members who have not been to lodge for a long time and keep track of new candidates and keep them in the habit of attending lodge meetings.

Tiler -

It is the Tiler's duty to protect the lodge from improper interruption or intrusion by unqualified persons and to keep the anteroom free from disrupting activities. He is further responsible to examine and vouch for late arrivals.