June Message - 2014

posted Jun 26, 2014, 3:05 PM by McKinley Lodge

A little over 100 years ago, a group of Milwaukee Masons decided to form a new Lodge. They drafted a petition for dispensation, collected all of the necessary signatures, and held regular planning meetings to see their goal through to fruition. One such meeting took place on the evening of January 29th, 1914. It being the birthday of our late Brother, President William McKinley, the Brethren present unanimously agreed that the new Lodge should be named “McKinley Lodge.” On June 10th, 1914, the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Wisconsin issued their 307th Charter...that of McKinley Lodge. This, my Brothers, is the nature of our origin.

Over the course of the last century, McKinley Lodge has accomplished much. We have united thousands of good men with the purpose of making them better men. We have forged countless life-long friendships by spreading the cement of Brotherly Love and affection. We have served our community through the volunteering of our time and the donation of our resources. You can be proud of what your Lodge has done over the past century. You can be proud to be part of a force of good in the world that is bigger than yourself. Be proud, my Brothers, that you are a member of McKinley Lodge. While I think it is definitely appropriate to look back at the last 100 years and celebrate the Lodge’s accomplishments, I feel that it is equally important for us to look to the future. We stand at the threshold of a new century in the Lodge’s history. The decisions we make today will shape the future for generations of McKinley Lodge members to come, so it is important to approach the future with a long-term view. Recognizing that we are merely stewards of the Lodge in the here and now, each of us has a responsibility to do what we can to ensure the longevity and prosperity of this wonderful institution.

I would invite each of you reading this message to consider the question “What am I going to do for McKinley Lodge to help continue our legacy?” If the broadness of that question leaves you struggling to provide a clear answer, let me share with you two very tangible suggestions which will benefit
the Lodge for years to come:

Your presence

My Brothers, we have 130 Master Masons who hold membership at McKinley Lodge. Of that 130, there are perhaps 20 or so of you who regularly attend our meetings. My purpose in stating these figures is not to chastise any of you for not attending Lodge, but instead to point out the tremendous opportunity that exists to grow participation at McKinley. To be present in Lodge costs you nothing more than your time...which I recognize is precious, but it truly is a meaningful gift that you can give to the Lodge. We want you there my Brothers.

If you cannot drive and would require transportation in order to attend Lodge, we can pick you up before Lodge and take you home afterwards. If you’re concerned that you won’t know anyone, fear not. Your Lodge is filled with true and faithful Brothers who would love to meet you and share your fellowship. The more members we have in attendance, the stronger we are as an organization, and the more each of us will get out of our Masonic experience at McKinley Lodge.

Your financial support

Many of you have already contributed to the Master’s Appeal that I sent out in late April - I sincerely thank you for your generosity and support of the Lodge. If you set aside the letter and mistakenly forgot about it, please know that it isn’t too late to send it in. This year, more than ever, the Lodge needs your financial support.

Another great way to support McKinley Lodge financially is to make bequest as part of your estate planning. This means of support has been a powerful tool over the last century and is a great way to leave a legacy for generations of McKinley Masons to come.

Lastly, if you are not a Perpetual Member of the Lodge, I would invite you to become one. For those of you not already familiar with the Perpetual Membership Program, it allows you to buy in (at the cost of your current annual dues times an age-based multiplier) and the Lodge will receive a check each year (even after your death) which pays your dues. In effect, you never have to pay dues ever again and the Lodge will receive annual payments for perpetuity.

 In conclusion Brethren, let us take pause this month to reflect upon the significance of our centennial and rededicate ourselves to making McKinley Lodge #307 a strong and vibrant Lodge for the next 100 years.


Ryan Mayrand, P.: M.:

Worshipful Master


Congratulations to our Newest Master Mason Brother Keith Egelston

On the evening of Thursday, May 29th, Brother Keith Egelston was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Brother Keith hails from California and is a member of the United States Air Force. Keith, his wife Megan, and their new daughter Hazel, have been familiar faces around the Lodge this term and we’re excited to have them as part of the McKinley Masonic Family!