October Message - 2013

posted Sep 25, 2013, 7:03 PM by McKinley Lodge
Greeting Brothers and friends,

We started the fall season with our annual corn and brat night.  I was delighted to see all the families that came out.  A big thank you to Mike Gorgen, PM, for organizing, husking the corn and grilling the brats.

There has been some chatter on the new altar in the main lodge room being too high. At the same time many people have come up and began kneeling on it to show us that it was too high.  The new Altar is about 2 inches higher than the old Altar.  The issue is that the kneeler is too low.  The lodge will look into getting a higher kneeler.  In the meantime I would suggest that we use the white padding and white kneeler from the old altar until we get a higher kneeler.

Fish Fry will be October 18th beginning at 5:00pm.  As always we need volunteers to make this event a success.  The homemade desserts are a great touch to this fish fry.  At the same time the desserts help reduce the cost of the meal and allow the lodge to make a greater profit.  Please consider bringing a dessert, contact Connie Jaremko at 262-796-0782 for more information and coordination.

Ladies at the Table is Saturday November 2nd .  This is the first Saturday in November and will be here right after the fish fry.  Tickets are available from any officer or by calling Todd Jaremko at 262-796-0782.

Do you have a favorite pie recipe?  If so, we want to talk with you.  The lodge is trying to start a pie fund raiser.  This is where the lodge takes orders for pies, prepares them and freezes them.  The customer than takes the pies home to be baked .  Tom Hill and Andrew Meyers are looking for recipes and would be glad to review yours. 

The Temple Topics needs a volunteer starting in January to label, seal and deliver to the Milwaukee Post Office.  Contact Todd or Connie Jaremko for more information on how you can help the lodge continue to communicate with the nearly 400 temple topic addresses.

Dinner with Santa is December 5th .  We are asking for the names and ages of the children coming to dinner.  Santa will be providing a gift to children 12 and under. Please send them to either Todd or Connie Jaremko.

See you all soon at our September meeting and get ready to head into a very active Fall at McKinley Lodge.  


Todd Jaremko

Oct 3  THU Dinner and Past Masters Night
Oct 17 THU 2nd Stated Meeting
Oct18 FRI Fish Fry

Nov 2 SAT Ladies at the table
Nov 7 THU Dinner, 1st Stated Meeting - Election Night
Nov 21  THU 2nd Stated Meeting
Nov 30  SAT      Decorate tree 10:00 am

Dec 5    THU Dinner with Santa,