May Message - 2013

posted May 9, 2013, 8:34 PM by McKinley Lodge
Greeting Brothers and friends,

Brother Gerald Fryda passed on March 20th. I was grateful that the lodge brothers were able to get
out and present him with his 50th. The family sent us several photographs and their thanks.

Brothers Ken Gorgen, PM. Brian Carter, and Tom Hill visited Brother Jack Heinemann. They
presented him with his sixty year pin. I am trying to organize another trip up so that we can present
him with the lodge pin. Jack remembers flying so if there are any brothers with aviation knowledge
it would be great for a visit. This stimulation of memories is very helpful.

Brother Chris Goodwin and his wife Sherri are planning the May dinner. The first Thursday in May
will be the 2nd... Currently it is going to be a taco bar. With Sherri in the kitchen I know that it will be

On Saturday May 18th, we will be having our lodge clean up and BBQ. Please come out and join us
at 9:00 am as we tackle the trustee’s “to do list” Pulled Pork and slaw will be served at noon.

The Acadia Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star is presenting McKinley Lodge with a new
altar. This lovely gift is in memory of Marion Reddig. We are planning on dedicating the altar this
summer as a kick off to our Centennial year. Please join me in thanking the members of Acadia
Chapter on this beautiful gift.

The Breitzmann family announced that their family will be presenting a new candle opera in
memory of Rick Breitzmann, PM. It is nice to know that Brother Rick will continue to be a shining
light in the years to come.

Brother Ken Gorgen, PM, is busy getting the kitchen ready for table lodge set up. Table lodge
will be held Friday June 21st. Dan Slavick, the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master has
accepted our offer and is attending. This will be one of Mr. Slavick’s first public events as the Right
Worshipful Grand Master of the state of Wisconsin. Our Senior Warden, Chris Goodwin will be
running the front of the house. Ken needs assistance in the kitchen and Chris will need help with
servers and wine stewards. Please assist these two brothers in making this year’s table lodge, “the
best one yet”.



May 2nd THU - Taco Bar Dinner and first stated meeting
May 16th THU - 2nd Stated Meeting
May 18th SAT - Lodge Clean Up and BBQ

Jun TBD - Altar and Candle Opera dedication
Jun 6th THU - First Stated Meeting
Jun 20th THU - Second Stated Meeting
Jun 21st FRI - Table Lodge

Sep 5th THU - Corn and Brat Night 1st stated meeting