December Message - 2013

posted Dec 1, 2013, 4:58 PM by McKinley Lodge
Greeting Brothers and friends,

I would like to dedicate this edition of the Temple Topics to my Lady, Connie Jaremko. Connie passed away after Ladies At The Table on Sunday morning, November 3rd. She was a remarkable woman who was involved with many community activities as well as a loving mom to her two sons, three grandchildren, and four nieces.

While I was progressing through the line she worked numerous hours on Fish Fry advertising and organizing the other ladies with the dessert table. When I became Master she helped organize every event. She began working on Ladies At The table this September and it was a beautiful event.

Connie was the love of my life and I am fortunate to have many memories to give me comfort through this difficult time.

I would like to remind everyone of the Master’s carpet with the all devouring scythe of time. I would recommend everyone to tell their loved ones how much they mean to you. At the same time, if there is an event one wants to see or a place one wants to visit, I would say “DO IT NOW” not later. Even though Connie and I traveled frequently, there were still places on our “what’s next” list.

Here are the results of elections at the first stated meeting: Ryan Mayrand, WM; Chris Goodwin, SW, Andy Meyers, JW; Brian Breitzmann, Secretary; Kevin Breitzmann, Treasurer.

Zach Flieschmann and James Lovett were elected as Trustees. They will be joining Jim Stone, Andy Meyers, Ricardo Vieria, and Dan Richardson.

Ryan’s Installation is going to be Saturday, January 4th 2:00 pm.

I would like to go business casual for the remainder of my term unless we have a degree. In that case it will be “Thursday Tux Night.”

The Temple Topics needs a volunteer starting in January to label, seal and deliver to the downtown Milwaukee Post Office. Contact Todd Jaremko for more information on how you can help the lodge continue to communicate with the nearly 400 temple topic addressees.

Dinner with Santa is December 5th We are asking for the names and ages of the children coming to dinner. Santa will be providing a gift to children 12 and under.


Todd Jaremko

Nov 21 THU - 2nd Stated Meeting
Nov 30 SAT - Decorate tree 10:00 am

Dec 5 THU - Dinner with Santa,

Jan 4 SAT - Installation.