April Message - 2013

posted Mar 28, 2013, 8:54 AM by McKinley Lodge   [ updated Mar 28, 2013, 8:57 AM ]

Greeting Brothers and friends,

The lodge lost two active members.

Emerson Kolda passed on February 25th. Emerson was our organist and brightened our meetings and degrees with joyful music. Emerson was active in Scottish Rite and Eastern

Star. He was an organist for many churches for fifty years.

Rick Breitzmann, PM passed on March 8th. Rick presided over the lodge twice as Worshipful Master. He was active in the Scottish Rite and the Shrine. At lodge Rick worked with the

Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts to post so they could further their Masonic Education.

The brothers also received word that Gerald Fryda was in a hospice reaching the end of his journey. His 50 year anniversary was on January 24th. Our Secretary contacted Grand

Lodge and had them issue the 50th certificate. Rick Breitzmann, PM, went to Dousman and met several brothers that night to present Gerald Fryda with the certificate and 50 year pin.

Currently Brother Jack Heinemann is facing Alzheimers. His wife is asking for any brother to come visit him. Please contact me or Brother Brian Carter for further information.

I want to thank everyone that came out and participated at our Fish Fry. The Food Pantry also appreciates the food donations that they received.
We had some trouble with last month’s temple topics. The USPS changed the format required for mailings. That is why this message is cut in half between the address pane. We are also required to put two tabs to seal the topics. Last month our supplier supplied Connie with white tabs instead of the regular clear tabs. Connie put tabs on the mailing so that they would not cover up our return address or the mailing permit (both on the right and left). Unfortunately, the postal service did not catch this mistake until after the Post Office closed. Fortunately, Sherri Goodwin was not working the next morning and was able to go the post office and reseal them with tape so they could be mailed. I want to thank Sherri for her quick response.  At the same time, I want to thank Connie. It takes about 7 hours each month to put the tabs and labels on them in order that they can be mailed before the first of the month for everyone to know what is going on in Lodge. It takes another hour to group them so they can be accepted at the Postal Service.

I have received several complaints about the events at lodge being cancelled. After each cancellation everybody quickly responds with “just ask for help”. So here it is. I need help for the following meals: April, May, June, October. Mike Gorgen will be grilling for our Brat and Corn night in September. The Ladies of McKinley will be providing the dinner for our past master dinner.

Spring is my favorite season. Mother Nature states “we are going to give it one more shot”. The flowers start to bloom and leaves return to the trees. I would ask that the members “give it one more chance” as well. COME TAKE A SEAT ON THE SIDELINE. Become part of visiting care and reach out to your fellow brothers.

In June, Ken Gorgen, PM. will be leading a kitchen crew for table lodge. A German Feast will pursue and Ken, Andy and Jon (EA), will be brewing their beer. Please see an officer for tickets Please keep the families in distress in your prayers and toughts.




4 Thu 1st stated meeting

18 Thu 2nd stated meeting

21 Fri Table Lodge More Information coming