September Message - 2012

posted Dec 19, 2012, 10:19 AM by McKinley Lodge

Greeting Brethren,

It is amazing how fast the summer has come and gone. We adjourned on the last "tux thursday" of June with initiating our newest Entered Apprentice, Josh Young.

We are starting out the fall season with a bang. Mike Gorgen is grilling brats and roasting corn for the first Thursday. It is also, Hawaiian Shirt Night and nice slacks (no shorts). We will also be having a presentation about the York Rite from Joe Balint. Joe as you know has been assisting us on "Tux Thursday" with the various degrees performed.

We will then be entering October with the World Famous Fish Fry, on Friday, October 19. This year we will be trying a "Drive Around" for our takeout orders. We are going to position a brother out front to take orders and then drive around to the kitchen to get it packaged and boxed.

We than head into November with Å­adies at the Table Ken Gorgen has a delicious meal in mind. The topic for this table will be Masonic Presidents Wives.

Brother Tom Hill noticed a need for an active directory for the lodge. He took the initiative to reach out to various brothers to form an ad hoc group to begin working on what information they wanted to collect (wifeÃÔ name, children, vocation or services that can be offered). They also are finalizing a method to gather this information. The next temple topic will have a web site address where brothers can fill out a questionnaire online. Also, we have an alternative method for those that still prefer the reliable pencil and paper.

As all know we have a hole in our line that James graciously stepped up and filled this year. However, we are looking for a brother to step up to be Senior Warden and then Master of the Lodge for our 100th anniversary. We have a solid core of brothers that are willing to assist.

We would like to get a a fund raising committee. The lodge is burning through cash at an unacceptable rate. The lodge building is starting to show its age and some tender loving care is needed to bring the building up to standards. I would be looking to put together a pledge drive leading up to McKinley LodgeÃÔ 100th anniversary. There are some fellow crafts that have already expressed some interest and have some other thoughts of a way to raise cash.

Todd Jaremko


6- Thu Corn and Brat Roast (Hawaiian Shirt Night) 6:00 pm

1st Stated Meeting 7:30 pm

20 Thu Awards Night (appetizers) 6:30 pm

2nd Stated Meeting 7:30 pm


4- Thu Dinner 6:00 pm

Past Masters Night, 1st Stated Meeting 7:30 pm

14 Sun Packers vs Houston Tx 7:20 pm

18 Thu 2nd Stated 7:30

19 Fri World Famous Fish Fry 5:00 pm


3 Fri Ladies at the table 6:00pm


1 Sat Installation of Officers 2:00pm