November Message - 2012

posted Dec 19, 2012, 10:24 AM by McKinley Lodge

Greetings Brethren,

 The Ladies of McKinley baked and served lasagna for Past MasterÃÔ Night at our first stated meeting. The Past Masters met to start discussion on our 100th anniversary. That is right, in less than a year McKinley Lodge will begin its centennial anniversary.

We had a great first half as we watched the Packers take on the Indianapolis Colts. I would like to listen to the talk in the ColtÃÔ locker room at half time because they sure played a different game for the second half.

We had our Fish Fry on October 19th. I would like to thank all the brothers that came out and helped make this a success. These two fish fryÃÔ help raise funds for the lodge and open the building to the general public to see what goes on in the ÅÔecret society/span>

I would like to thank Ken Gorgen, PM and his kitchen crew for baking the cranberry chicken for Ladies at the Table. I would also like to thank my wife Connie, for assisting in planning this wonderful event.

I have noticed that there our brothers standing around idle while other brothers are busy as bees. I understand that this is a lack of my leadership that is causing the stress. And with that I would like to give suggestions while you are at Lodge.

1. If a brother has his hands full ask if you can help him and grab a bag before the snacks are dropped on the kitchen floor

2. If the Lodge is not set up for the meeting, go into the Junior WardenÃÔ Closet and get the gear out. If you donÃÕ know how to set up the Lodge, ask one of the other brothers. And if you are asked how to set the lodge up, help the younger member set the lodge up.

3. If the garbage can is full donÃÕ put more garbage in it, empty it and put a clean plastic bag in it its place. Also, if the liner falls in the garbage can, get it back out.

4. Before leaving the lodge for the night, take a quick look around, can you throw away some paper plates; wipe up a table, put some chairs back in order, check with the acting Junior Warden and see if he needs help.

I have witnessed some of the newer members taking the bull by the horns. This is evidence with the discussion on the directory and the excitement they bring to lodge meetings.

As we get ready for next year, please forward any suggestions for events to me. Maybe there was an event the Lodge did years ago that we should try resurrecting. Maybe you have a new idea, whatever, give me suggestions.

December 6th we will be having dinner with Santa. If you are bringing a child twelve and under please send me an email with the childÃÔ name and age.

Todd Jaremko


1 Thu Ladies of Mckinley Dinner Election Night 1st Stated Meeting

3 Sat Ladies at the table 6:00pm


1 Sat Installation of Officers 2:00pm

6 Thu Dinner with Santa 6:00pm