May Message - 2011

posted Dec 19, 2012, 9:54 AM by McKinley Lodge

Greetings Brethren,

I hope you are all doing well as we move deeper into the warmer weather. Soon the warm
months of summer will be upon us.

Many of us are on the internet sending emails, checking out websites, and maybe making posts
on Facebook. The internet has a large amount of information available to it. I am sure many of you
know about the Grand Lodge website (, but have you gone to it? On this site
you can read the Grand Masters message, see more pictures from the Masonic Journal than what
is in the printed edition, and find copies of the Masonic Code and the Masonic Handbook. All of
the Grand Lodge proceedings are posted there, as well as forms, information about the Masonic
Charities and contact information for the Grand Lodge Officers. From this site you can find all the
Lodges in the state as well as links to their websites and websites of other Grand Lodges.

Have you gone to your LodgeÃÔ website ( On this site, you can find contact
information for the officers, a calendar that has the LodgeÃÔ activities, history of the Lodge,
past messages in the Temple Topics and links to other Masonic organizationÃÔ websites. Even
our District has a website (
Here you can access the district blog and read other LodgeÃÔ Trestleboards. The District 11 blog (http:// has a listing of activities in the district.

I have even discovered that our Grand Lodge website is formatted to work on smart phones
and other devices that use a mobile browser. From your mobile device you can access all the
information that is available to regular web browsers. To me it is amazing that all the information
that the Grand Lodge has is available to you from your mobile phone.

Brethren, take this opportunity to go out to the internet and discover all the information that is
there. By the way many lodges, including McKinley, have a Facebook page.

On to lodge news At the 1st Stated in April, we had a dinner prior to the meeting. The food
was excellent and fellowship was nice. A special thank-you goes to Sherri Goodwin who prepared
our meal. On April 8th, we had a very successful World Famous Fish Fry. Around 240 people
attended which is very large crowd for us. I would like to say thank-you to everyone who attended
and helped out and to Past Master Chris, Joyce, and Jim for their efforts in preparing and cooking
the meal.

Coming up in May, we have a dinner prior to the 1st Stated meeting on May 5th. These dinners
have been a lot of fun. Hopefully we will see you there. On May 21st we will be having a lodge
clean-up and cook-out. Work begins at 9:00 am. Come and help us do a little spring cleaning.

Finally, tickets are on sale for our annual Table Lodge which will be held on Friday, June 17th.
This is our huge dinner which includes hors devours, home brew from Brother Ken and Brother
Andy, French Onion Soup, Salad, a German Sausage Platter (Smoked Pork Chop, Knackwurst,
Kielbasa, Spaetzle, Red Cabbage), and dessert. Cost of the ticket is $20.00 and will be available
from any Lodge Officer or you can call Brother Chip Wood (262-957-4138) to reserve your spot.

Hopefully we will see you at one of the upcoming events or meetings.

Michael A. Gorgen, P.M.

5 Thu Dinner 6:00 pm, 1st Stated Meeting 7:30 pm
19 Thu 2nd Stated Meeting 7:30 pm
21 Sat Lodge Clean-up and cook-out 9:00 am

2 Thu Dinner 6:00 pm, 1st Stated Meeting 7:30 pm
16 Thu 2nd Stated Meeting 7:30 pm
17 Fri Table Lodge 5:30 pm